You Left, John Morrison

Craig Goodworth, Blood and Honey (Salt, Koryto), 2015



You Left


One day a telegram     calls you home     favorite son
presented the key     to the city washed out     by the sun
beside the brackish delta     the key a skeleton key

the festivities     a disaster of clarinets     brat of tubas
the mayor     your bitter old lover     with cruel politics
you were children     in dry grass her     fingertips water

you see her across     the years like across     the cool dim
bus station     downtown where     the waiting
broken     pitch forward     on scarred benches.

John Morrison


Review by Massimo Fantuzzi

Isn’t it beautiful when you come across a piece whose only request is to be heard, touched, entrusted and followed wherever its fancy of instruments, colours, textures and taste can take you?



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