Orgasm as Firefly, Ilari Pass

Craig Goodworth, VČELA #81, 2013




Orgasm as Firefly


in the blinking darkness, the fly breathes
flickering from the stone

the fly fakes injury
to save herself

a moan pretends suffering
as the twilight opens

her flight is in a peculiar motion
stitching seams in the air

panicked and unmeasured

then at once

pirouetting, flicked spastic
and out of place

her orgasm wants to be famous

longwinded, she screams
small murder as she flickers by

a new moon appears

dim like sperm down crowning
the head she has forgotten,

the light of chance violently goes out

Ilari Pass


Review by Jared Pearce

The consideration of the firefly’s plight and flight is great fun here.  I think the final line’s, “light of chance violently goes out” is a marvelous ending that both indicates the forlornness after connection, and the snapping shut of the poem.

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