Homage to My Student From Mojave Who Now Lives in Wisconsin, Charles Hood

Craig Goodworth, Phoenix Commission (process photo), 2016


Homage to My Student From Mojave Who Now Lives in Wisconsin


I still remember you saying in class                       The first piece of my mother I threw away
was her hair.

how you had met Ansel Adams                   It must seem so unfair,
but not Robert Adams,                                              you said, how history ends

“who was better.”                                           with four hands whittling

And you once said out loud                                      heirloom tomatoes
“Walker Evans for President”                                  into the salad,

because when asked about cameras,                       sound of knife on butcherblock,
the technical features of a given model,      how that is the only common ground

he said a camera is just a tool,                                     any of us
as he used a thousand-dollar                                    truly

Leica to drive a nail                                        can hope
into the wall                                                     ever

at Yale.                                                                          to share.

Charles Hood


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