Love (Part 2), Thom Young

Craig Goodworth, Bread Offering (dough and steel), 2010


Love  (Part 2)


her favorite kiss
the one that runs cherry red
like the horses in Santa Monica
as the women remember
to cook dinner for their husbands
that they slowly killed
long ago
life stays in a storage unit
and some only open
when they have the lock & key
and that doesn’t happen
much anymore.

Thom Young


Review by Jared Pearce

Here love is forlorn: a kiss is remembered, the women have killed their husbands, life is possibly available, but no one’s going through the hassle of working to get it out of its bin.  Nah, we’ll let it rot where it lies.  The hope here is that we could, with the right key and lock, get it all back.

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