In Berlin with Anthony Bourdain, Charles Hood

Craig Goodworth, Kenosis, 2010


In Berlin with Anthony Bourdain


I had a grant to work at the Pergamon
which had been rebuilt after the war

and I think the crew was grabbing
street audio or maybe more B-roll

when I accidentally crossed camera
right, and out of excessive vanity

I cue up the first episode released
after his death, Parts Unknown,

Season 11, Number 6, “Berlin.”
David Bowie sits next to me

as we watch Metropolis, drinking
champagne, eating currywurst.

It always ends the same:
each time I can’t find myself

in the crowd at the swap meet
and each time Anthony Bourdain

does not put his shades back on
and walk back into the room,

no matter how many times
I turn the power off,

slow count to five,
turn it back on.

Charles Hood

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