Vietnam, DS Maolalai

Marilyn HIgginson, Fields Near Eola Hills, Oil on Wrapped Canvas, 18″ X 24″



“she was home
a few months ago – now she thinks
she might miss
christmas. after all,
we’ve just been over
and you’re going
next year”

– that’s my mother
talking about my sister
in Vietnam.
she teaches English
in spite
of a quite good job
as a radiation therapist.
I guess
she’s decided
life is
just better
in another country.

I wish I had
that courage –
to fly like a cut kite
or the seed from a dandelion
and as fast
as you can –
flipping your thumbs at us earthbound cedars,
and horribly rotting
to grow solid
out of the ground.

DS Maolalai


Review by Corinne Bailey

This is an interesting piece – longing, envy of a sister’s perceived freedom, and the desire to be free from responsibility.

For this reader, this poem really hits its stride in the third stanza – “I wish I had that courage – to fly like a cut kite.”  A very strong finish. I would go as far to say that the poem could begin with the third stanza, but this would mean a few changes to pull in the tie to the sister in Vietnam.  Enjoyed this poetic journey!

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