Aporia, Claire Scott

Marilyn Higginson, Twin Rocks Evening, Oil on Wrapped Canvas




Fresh out of god and vodka
a syllogistic dilemma
drive to St. Leo’s or to 7-Eleven
St. Leo’s requires no upfront cash
simply sit on a bench & look prayerful

maybe god will feel sorry for this lost lamb
reach down his heavenly hand & give me a boost
I could really use a boost today, god
but maybe you are too busy helping
the deserving, those who wipe

hospital floors with Lysol & love
who take the homeless home for a hot meal
even though they stink & steal your shoes
maybe you are not so pleased with your servant
who just helped herself to the entire tip jar at Starbucks

who doesn’t visit her mother at Demented Gardens
those decrepit people simply too depressing
dozing & drooling in their wheelchairs
I almost went today O Lord, I truly did
but there was a critical Red Sox game

doesn’t that count at all
intentions are nine-tenths or something like that
don’t you agree?
I really could use a boost today, god
but 7-Eleven is the only sure thing

Claire Scott


Review by Jared Pearce

Scott’s poem is what I’d describe as a fallen prayer, and it’s a lot of fun, even while it’s describing the fallen human state, the human need, and even the end of human faith: “but 7-Eleven is the only sure thing.” The poem sparks with all kinds of loopy sound effects that drive the despair and the desire. While it’s a sad poem, in the end, it’s a lot of fun digging into the sorrow.

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