Care Giver, Robert Joe Stout

Marilyn Higginson, Wild Horse Creek, Oil on Wrapped Canvas

Care Giver

Even when you’re gone
the telephone rings. I answer
and hear you talking to someone else
                            love     want      hold
                            love     want      hold

I meet you
in strange places: a corner of the bedroom,
watering the plants, driving the car.
You look up and create
someone like me
who is not me
and go scampering into conversations
I would never hold
                 Oprah     acupuncture     angiograms
                 tarot     Zolof     hair

I am the invisible visible
who cooks and launders
and watches Little League
continually plotting
to assassinate
                            the me     the him     the other
                            rescue you     from them
                       from yourself      from death

Robert Joe Stout

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