Balancing on Broken Nights, Claire Scott

Marilyn Higginson, Gorge Twilight, Oil on Wrapped Canvas, 48″ X 70″




slow dancing with a cigarette
& a gas can
swaying on the street behind Mel’s
synapses stripped raw
coked up & down
rolling white pills
like a rosary
wrestling better angels
in a halo of haze
Hail Mary shows up
she has had a few
or a few have had her
Lord lost her mind
or maybe that is me I
whatever me
pray for us sinners
facing an unfolded future
written like a manga book
right to left ruins
sirens, wrenched arms, cuffed wrists
Hail Mary slips away
no sigh of mercy
better angels tap out
a cop kronks my head
red stars & bars
slumped in the backseat
edges bleeding
is there still time
is there still
now and at the hour
of our death

Claire Scott


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