tomahawk, Dan Jacoby

oregon-autumnOregon Autumn, Romona Youngquist, 20 X 16, Oil



think about it no more than five
or six hours a day
never goes away
failing seven out of ten times
makes for success

cell phones take up
all the rest of the available space
to the exclusivity
of a more than personal life

took a six year old
left her there
everything is alright
if we just don’t talk about it

she thought
she had done something wrong
never was a time or place
things drift and lines blur

he couldn’t give her
what she wanted
he gave her
what she needed

gave his blood
to give her sunshine
name on the door
single malt drunk from the bottle

he gave her his voice
ornament from a father
kept his problems to himself
kept hers at bay

Dan Jacoby

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