The Kid’s Menu, Bill Jansen

sheridan-barnSheridan Barn, Romona Youngquist, 12 X 12, Oil

The Kid’s Menu

Environmentally friendly
as Emily Dickinson,
I’m bits of peacock shell
in the scrambled at Jill’s Cafe.
The bottle of Old Spice
in your uncle’s aluminum coffin.
in the World Pageant
of fuzzy ideas.
I’m the light fishing rod
on the wall of Gene’s Barber Shop
constantly jiggled by blue gill.
The Viet Cong
in electric blue polka dot pajamas
scavenging the ditch
flooded by a direct hit
on Lt. Calley’s bong.
I’m a feral leaf blower
at 3 am in the parking lot
outside your apartment.
Someone who might be guilty
of cutting a hole for a burrow
to pass through the chain-link future.
Roundup cowboy ordering tumbleweed
off the Kid’s menu.
Nixon campaign button
in the tip jar.

Bill Jansen

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