ALMOST, John Garmon

sunflower-sunsetSunflower Sunset, Romona Youngquist, 48 X 36, Oil


Locked in a world of incipient anxiety
In a town known for whispering silence

My meteoric rise to the working class
Took me down side streets of echoes

Feeling uncomfortable in strange schools
I was charismatic in my own manner

Reluctant to withdraw from complications
Of a kaleidoscopic life of crime

Paradoxically diminished by my status
I went searching for sexual enchantments

Absolutely uncommitted to any way forward
I fell solicitously for the pleasures of flesh

In alleys that smelled like spilled kerosene
I slept in fortresses of discarded cardboard

Then I found another with a brittle smile
Eyes like emerald rain in a thirsty desert

After I proved my affection we were like
Minnows in puddles in a drying river

Then we promised to survive our history
To denounce all previous apothecaries

We lived happily escaping our poverty
Adjusted to our incipient anxiety

John Garmon

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