full circle, Dan Jacoby

early-autumn-stormEarly Autumn Storm, Romona Youngquist, 22 X 32, Oil

full circle

just there
in the very corner
of the lake
among the wheat colored cattails
red fox flits
back and forth
up and down
muddy brown banks
trying to confuse trailing coyote
eagles perched watch amused
forty feet up in dappled sycamore
redwings screech their displeasure
at this midday intrusion
carp rise to the surface in turbid water
looking for air
risking sharp talons
gossamer spider webs
float like galleons on soft south wind
trying for the distant trees
sitting here, watching
it all play out
these spirit animals
holding on to life
fall leaves rattling
a whispering serenade
and a promise of winter

Dan Jacoby

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