“Shoe Discarded Rain”, Zeke Sanchez

Dust control, Dave Mehler


“Shoe Discarded Rain” 


It’s been months, months at the door
house old unpainted since before the flood
corn field fallow beyond the crooked creek sparkles
fresh again the kid chooses to live like this
bicycle old tire barely inflated a sense his life outside
of time before his parents born a lifetime
a world somewhere out there way out there
Before the world churned into being
time it don’t matter the clods cold
to the hand the shoe discarded in the rain
a dark stormcloud the kid senses
storm scatters down the flat road yet
windless away from the farmhouse away

Zeke Sanchez


Review by Mykyta Ryzhykh

A rainy poem that devastates us with the line: “windless away from the farmhouse away”. Although no – the world was already devastated: “the world churned into being”.

Interesting. Who among us does not want to walk in the rain? But no one ever wanted to be a rain-soaked boot.

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