On Oracle Road, John Garmon

What you might find there, Dave Mehler




Drive west from Tucson
Into sagebrush and mesquite
Along the bueno suerte highway
Past ocotillo and creosote bushes
Into the future of no one knows
Imagine the spaces between
Narration and new language
Leave the desert for Wyoming
Cold days below mountains
Take the train east to Tulsa
Maybe stop in Texarkana
Then back to the desert
Stopping to refuel at Amarillo
Jackrabbits to greet you
Rattlesnakes hiding below
Prickly pear cactus leaves
Temporarily living alone
With hummingbirds flying
Like miniature helicopters
Sucking sweet from flowers
Rip a view of the desert apart
Leaving El Paso for Phoenix
Not north to Albuquerque
By way of shifting sands
Whispering like shy doves
In vanishing graveyards
Move through this time.

John Garmon


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