Rockabye, Martha Zweig

Dale Champlin, Cosmic Nude with Pearls, Collage, 2021


All day prodding petty evils along. Now bed  

will rack me. Bed lurks
above & scowls. Bottom step & each step
up a next stair I can hear
a pillow & two sheets sneer.

Years ago a bed I nuzzled hummed O
sleepyhead, despite & because I’d spun

ugly for hours & cried.
A dog in a story died but actual
Trudge grunted on.

My bed was a boat once.
It lapped & pranced as I tugged
big knots loose & cast off which
way or another the hoist-&-fast
sail might fill– How

does the moon– I began, which wasn’t
at all what I wondered: into each next
word each impulse tipsy-tossed.
They turned themselves over & over
& under, wove & waved.

Martha Zweig


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