Cure for Loneliness, Claire Scott

Laurie Doctor, The Approach, Oil and Mixed Media on Wood, 5″ X 5”


Cure for Loneliness


A virtual coach who promises to change my life
for four thousand dollars and thirty-two cents
her name is Lola and she looks about twenty-two
blonde hair piled up, thick blue eyeliner, saucy red lipstick,
tight black cocktail dress, décolleté
speaks with a French accent bien sûr
get dressed up, go to a bar, give zee sexy smile
will sweats do? I have two pairs, one with paint
stains and one with a huge hole in the left knee
do you want to clean two huge sweat stains
actually Lola I what I want is a life
wear spikey heels like Ivanka

Which I would if I had any, my shoes are all sneakers
mostly Keds, heels click-clacked away decades ago
borrow from friends, check their shoe size to be sure
you sound like the fairy god mother in Cinderella
a story written by Charles Perrault in 1697
I don’t have any friends, that’s the whole point
we seem to be going in circles here, a bit chicken/egg
don’t you think for four thousand dollars and thirty-two cents
do you want a recipe for chicken, I can do that
for Chicken Marbella be sure to buy prunes and olives
have plenty of capers on hand
I hang up

Claire Scott

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