[box of light w/John Donne in it] [& a circuit board] [& a boy], Dennis Hinrichsen

Laurie Doctor, from her Sketchbook
(Quoting ‘Every Riven Thing,’ Christian Wiman)


[box of light w/John Donne in it] [& a circuit board] [& a boy]


                             “So let us melt, and make no noise”

                                          John Donne, “Valediction Forbidding Mourning”


sometimes I am so enthralled awaiting my beloved I am gold to airy

thinness beat & sometimes I am just a circuit board in the hands

of a boy // what has been coughed up here // Hong Kong // edge

of Africa // devoid of any keystroke // until I am undissolved //

burned into the ground // no aqua regia // royal water // to cull

the precious metal // my dying—skin & bone—just one last

glorious piss—puddle & slosh—twist of wire—mangled floss—

somebody weeping because I was cherished // —O boy //

eating rice by the fire // are you the fixed foot I keep

obliquely running from // all my fevered fetished searches

shouting out the names of God seeded somewhere in the clouds

until I am born again w/updates // a new machine // & can carve—

I shall end now where I had begun—another singularity in data

Dennis Hinrichsen

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