the discovery of many broken victorian ornaments in a lake, Steve Parker

day in cityDay in City, Z.Z. Wei



the discovery of many broken victorian ornaments in a lake

the child strikes another child in the playground
the caretaker fetches a spanner and opens his head
the teacher is taken to discuss things
with a child psychologist
the sun zooms in
a goat leaps over the fence, runs wild butting
the boys on the basketball yard
suddenly squirrels stare down evilly
from surrounding trees
the bigger boys, some as old as eight
gather together, angry but resourceful

then in a huge wave they attack the squirrels
all over the playground boys kick squirrels

no one knows now what the Law says about any of this

some music.a half turn.a bust of an ancient local dignitary

at the last an aged master runs forth with a viola
smites the under-manager of the gauleiter
janitor inquisitor servitor breaks it into atoms but
atoms by def cannot the wild diet and song

the under-manager sees alternatives now
he gathers the boys, issues them with Glocks

the squirrels fall back in a skirmish line
throwing explosive cones

Steve Parker



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