Berlin by day, William Fairbrother

Celestial Journey, 2007Celestial Journey, 2007, Z.Z. Wei


Berlin by day

that tourism began as religious treks
has never left my consciousness 
so every trip has this tinge
or replication of ideology 
nothing formal, but it’s in my mind 
Nice was nice  Tenerife warm

even a trainride down to Berlin 
a three minute walk out my door,
I feel a weight upon all of us
like what the ferry must feel
carrying the train… dead weight 

it’s a cool city, I don’t do nightlife 
though I’ve heard the discos are insane 
I look at architecture and art 
I wander mostly, afraid of missing my bearings
sometimes ride the public transport
just to overhear and acclimate.

I don’t wanna go nowhere  I’m best
alone in my apartment  I feel good home,
it takes a seven hour plane ride to get me there
I feel at home in my old hometown

it must be like the waning sex in a marriage 
no wanderlust, I’d like to maybe visit
Athens and Venice and Mumbai and Tokyo
but I have no lust left … better here.

William Fairbrother



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