operand al-fajr, Arkava Das


 Untitled, Z.Z. Wei


operand al-fajr

caves in a far stretch of the river collect suitable brushstrokes. pixels, insides. some mountains close down a flower. leaving higher wreck at sundown, other salt feet pash

umm al dimagh as safiqa, no tablets burden a shoulder now lands on a caved door, the first balloon disappears into birds, flanking coir and mission grist. a lice surfaces in heat, blue at its ends, between stairs, worlds and yawn.

when asked for it they make it comfortable. blister their thickset skin already close to al-fajr. scribes lug seas between themselves, pitchers and umm salt deposition, packed buoyancy, clearest middle length. حلقات أحد الأبيض فمها الثرثرة

[the white sun rings her yammering mouth]

Arkava Das


Review by William Fairbrother

More environments than narratives.  The Nose is an Ear and has rounded a corner.  Somewhere in that spiritual dividing line between the world of forms and the formless levels.




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