What Is This Thing Called Love, Holly Day

Holly_Day-what_is_this_thing_called_love_1What Is This Thing Called Love, Needlepoint 11″X16″, Holly Day


What Is This Thing Called Love?
I bare half my history to you, hands spread wide
to hide stories that should stay buried; sandwiched
screams between pages of sunlight, blood washed into wasted breath,
parts of me stained with dirty fingerprints,
like tattoos, won’t wash clean.
My pleasant thoughts laid carefully on the picnic quilt before you
unfold into bright paper flowers fancy enough
to place, half-open, in dinner jacket lapels at formal functions.
I can be good for you, pure for you,
ignoring the whispers like needles,
panicked dreams of escape.

Holly Day



Editorial comment by Dave Mehler

Holly submitted her needlepoint artwork to us, which we accepted and then challenged her to write a poem to accompany it, and this poem was the result.  Holly’s needlepoint first appeared here: http://cahoodaloodaling.com/issue-13-slam-it/.

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