A Shapeless Self, Trapped Again, Colin Dodds

Girl, Interrupted Girl, Interrupted. Dublin, Ireland. 2014. Anon. (photo credit: Karen B. Golightly)


(Note: regarding audio–this poem starts at 2:03 seconds)


A Shapeless Self, Trapped Again


It’s mostly night now.
The chalkboard instructs me
to dream of broccoli soup.

Like in a dream,
the shadows have stolen a woman’s face
at the end of the room.

Like in a dream,
I can’t move my limbs
in a way that’s real to me or to anyone else,
and so must sing and tell the truth.

I order the soup, stare out at the group.
I swoon awhile with the current and the crowd.

The saga of being misunderstood
begins in a thousand places
and culminates right here and now.

Unlike a dream,
there are no sudden circuses
to relieve this knot of drama.

But like a dream,
waking is the hardest work.

Colin Dodds

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