The Chanukah Candle, Dvorah Telushkin

FrankFrank. Memphis. 2013. Rakn (photo credit: Karen B. Golightly)


The Chanukah Candle


I had to cover my cell
With a sheet.
All the electricity
Was out
In Sing Sing.

Lights Out.

I told them
I was on the toilet
For this reason
I hung my sheet.

I wanted to write to Sarah
My Granddaughter.
I wanted to answer her letter.

There was a
Chanukah candle

I found it
In my cell.
And I had
A match.

Electricity. Love. Lights out.
The heart is light.
The love is electric.
Send it any way you can.

I hope she
Can read my
It was so hard
For me
To see.
But I did
My best.
I did
My best
To see.

Dvorah Telushkin

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