Giddy, Andy Irish

NoseyNosey 42. Memphis. 2014. Nosey (photo credit: Karen B. Golightly)




pretending to be just another gangster for the giddy girls to climb on
I am a part of the rainbow rhythm hippie jungle color dance
I don’t want for lot, but when i juggle there is no control
circumventing the globe, one part stupid three parts never change
too clever and overly stubborn. The subordinates cling to what they don’t know
talking just to talk. Walking just to walk
babbling just to the baffle the lottery, which raffles off souls
broken and bandaged, this psyche races and paces
upstairs and thin, dimly lit, alley ways
my demeanor changes, rearranges and plays for keeps
nothing changes, the soul embarks on the journeys that our physical body can’t physically do
abandon ship, the wreckage of the wake has been mistakenly identified
it was mistaken for the boxes and luggage that needed to be loaded onto the u-haul to move into my new apartment.
Some valued garbage floating around house to house to apartment to room, to storage place i’m afraid to go up the ladder too.
Or am I afraid of what will be determined to be of value over all these years.
Rubbish and peer evaluations, the lost list of my last creation


Andy Irish


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