Thunder Snow, David Appelbaum

Paser Detail Paser Detail. Memphis. 2013. Paser (photo credit: Karen B. Golightly)


Thunder Snow


The sound of glass shattering
then a blue shine far off, then nothing.

Then it was over.

When it opened and I was out
there was earth on my cheek
and air in my lungs.

Where I had gone was forever taken from me.
I was a child again unknowing
helpless to stem the blood of life.

I was lifted and bathed
by strangers who looked through me without blinking.

Words would come from the murmur.
I could not say how it was.

Then it was black.
I slept again in the arms of my dead mother.

When I woke, there was birdsong
a few low shrubs
and something called sky.

David Appelbaum

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