Our Pull Toward Distraction, Paul Freidinger

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Our Pull Toward Distraction


Leaping up out of a jar in an arc before falling to the floor,
the fountain-like chain of beads has puzzled millions with
its apparently gravity-defying behavior.
–Elizabeth Gibney

The fountain of chain arches
from what’s left in the beaker
against gravity. To say this is
beauty assigns value to our conflicts

as if a leaf will turn red by choice
(when it falls)
neglects its grim maturity.
It attracts the eye that follows it
down, haphazard, because

it is symmetrically linked
in a nonlinear way. We seek

the river, but I am out of my depth
and onto the banks. The fountain
is not an illusion and Occam’s
razor cuts to the chase. We desire

the source to be infinite, such is
our pull toward distraction.
Aesthetics of flux makes the heart
tremble enough to remind me
I am alive. The flow conjures

eternity without remembering pain.
For that I require another incarnation.

Paul Freidinger

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