Of Dimness, Bianca Diaz

Judith Nelson, Aurora I, 1980

Of Dimness

(for Edward Hopper)

There is a way down I wish I had not found. I can unravel along with the corner of this stone-gray sheet. Someone had made the bed, had made straight the crookedness of the world, but I see now how broken it is again. Last night has been annihilated; this blond square of light warms the floor. Things take turns inhabiting me: rowdy fear, delicate certainty, a love that clambers graceless as a bat. Deft at longing, he saw in me a high tide, a moon-drawn swell that lifts any light thrown on it. I wonder how it might affect your way of thinking, if you always had a lighthouse in the corner of your eye.

Bianca Diaz


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