Ghost of Grapes, Ashley Scott

Judith Nelson, Plat, 1965, 48X48

Ghost of Grapes


I dreamed I killed you last night
By wrapping my hair around your throat so tightly
your head shrunk like
a California raisin
which I kept in a box above my stove.
Sixteen years ago, you violated me
And I shaved my head
Because no matter how hard
I shampooed
I could still feel your fingers as you peeled
Open my heart
And shattered the
Pink porcelain vase
I had filled with daisies.
Every single petal begged,
Please forgive me.”
Now, every time I hear
The word hate
I smell your breath
sweet and bitter as red wine.
I hope you’re happy now
I hope your tomatoes rot this season
And your laugh is as brightly twisted as
the candy corn stockings
around my ankles
But mostly,
I hope you surround yourself with mirrors
and see your shrunken ugly head,
For I have burned
Far too many black candles
Held too many séances
And finally, by killing you
Have set myself free.

Ashley Scott

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