Drones Visit the Village of the Black Pawn, Greg Grummer

Judith Nelson, Utensil, 1962, 24X32

Drones Visit The Village of The Black Pawn

I hope they find that we aren’t to blame.
My children are scattered everywhere.
I wanted to make my house clean for them.
I didn’t want to lie in the street with them.

I wanted to believe we could expatriate,
that we could live, maintain, and orchestrate.
Will you push reset or will you forget?
Will you dead aim on the screen at me?

What price security? What price scenery?
How safe can we be if we live where we can be seen?
If we live by ourselves where we’ve never been?
I used my cell phone now here come the drones.

Wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…: drones.
Please, help me get this bomb out of my hair.

How much us on the lawn and on the stairs?
Some in the basement and some on the chairs.
How many pieces in the drapes and on the table?
On the door frame. On the dog. On the motorcycle?

Greg Grummer

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