Kevin Brown, Some Questions Can’t Be Answered by Google












but I type or tap anyway,
wanting to know why my love
for her suddenly stopped,
the Dr. Jekyll of my passion

became the Mr. Hyde of indifference
(or vice versa),
never to return,
while other feelings continue:

my craving for coffee
despite the hurt in my heart—
more than her absence causes—
or the nagging knee injury

that makes climbing stairs
almost as unbearable as the despair
of aging, almost as meaningless
as moving money from one

column to another and back
just to see possessions pile up
in rooms I rarely visit.

So I type,
What is it that gives us meaning:
mortality or morality
or something else?

There are more than six billion results.

Kevin Brown


Review by Laurinda Lind

What a creative idea it was to use photos of church message boards as poem names. This poem explores disappointment and disillusionment and then ends on an ironic note about using a computer to search for the meaning of life—a conclusion that perfectly matches its title.

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