The looking glass predator, Ed Higgins

Gillian Sargeant, Icon of Severus Snape, 12″ X 9,” acrylic


The looking glass predator


In the mirror an owl staring you in the face once again,
a fraught fragment of the puzzle. But you pretend it’s

a lesser predator maybe some buzzard doppelgänger
looking out. Not remembering they go first for the eyes

eating until they reach your immortal or mortal soul,
whichever it is. Or maybe instead you want a liver-eating

eagle feasting steadfastly on your then regenerated fears
and failings. Better yet, make it the extinct Kelenken,

its massive beak shattering your ever-shifting self, emitting
from the staring-back mirror some kind of predator truthfulness

which like the staid mirror-staring owl keeps asking
whoo-whoo-who-the-Hell are you anyway?

Ed Higgins

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