Positions, Jared Pearce



for Brenda Duree


The wheels of your career have retracted as
The thrust pulls you from the gravel to the silk,
From the dust to the milk, from the craven
To the marvel. The wings are flushed with
Fuel, the rushed baggage ballasted the hull,
And the engine whine evaporates when
You climb. I held you for a day, watched
A sun rise, ate small fruit. And while the clouds
You’re shooting through obscure my view,
They offer you a sparkling carpet, a universe
Of rooms to waltz into, a place to decorate
And yearn for once you descend again, packed
With visions and plans. You take your toolkit
From the claim; the doors prop themselves,
A motor sings you eastward, tires loopy
With joy. And I find the jack and spare nowhere,
That the vapor trail’s leaked from the sky.

Jared Pearce


Review by Andrea Jackson

I wish Brenda the best! Nice metaphor, the career as an airplane, or maybe Brenda as an airplane.


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