naughty boy, Sanjida Yasmin

Gillian Sargeant, Icon of Frida Kahlo, 12″ X 9,” acrylic


naughty boy

when I was in Uposhahar,
I wrapped Rajshahi silk sarees around my curves,
you didn’t say, “Mashallah, you look exquisite”
everyone drenched me with saccharine & honey
—- except for you

you didn’t gift me fresh-cut roses,
nor did you send me hand-inked letters
—- on the day of my birth

you didn’t greet me with a cheese or
caress my chubby cheeks
—- at the Shahjalal International Airport

— your inertia causes me to think I am hitched to a siliceous shale —

now, on Emirates EK 204, I ruminate about:

the time you had set up the fuchsia moshari
at 2am to protect me from striped mosquitoes
lest I catch chikungunya
& folded the blankets at sunrise just to watch me beam

& when I whined about my pancaked pillows
you rushed to fetch me puffy pads

& when you saw me off at the terminal,
your chocolate chatter filled me to the
enough to last me 6 months
— till we meet again

Sanjida Yasmin

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