little gods looking down, Anna Weaver

Gillian Sargeant, Icon of David Bowie, 12″ X 9,” acrylic



little gods looking down


Let’s not kid ourselves. We never
had a chance at being casual,

you and me, what with the miles running
between us like years. Both of us footsore

and cautious, weve learned enough
by now to fix our eyes forward

when reaching. What Im saying is,
don’t look down. Not because of whats below

or between us—all that mess
we’re spanning—but because this bridge

we’ve made of ourselves has to hold up
against the drama of youre too far away.

We’re too old for shame, aren’t we?
And forgiveness is the business

of little gods looking down. All we can do
is grip tight and walk steady, one choice

in front of the other. And whatever
happens, I’m trusting you to hold me

responsible for each step and
for the fall.

Anna Weaver

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