I sit quietly in the meeting., Jared Pearce


I sit quietly in the meeting.

Every lily that blooms
Cuts a heart strand—
If they could hit a little
Softer, throw on some
Trousers, get drenched
In a shawl or even a
Stylish jacket, we would
Feel better letting them
             Recall the fallen
Peony? Kinked heliotrope?
It’s great to love
Life, my dove, but think
Of the snake, its smooth
Slink, its nestle in the brick
Pile, warming and allowing
A little discomfort
To pull it elsewhere.

Jared Pearce


Review by Andrea Jackson

I don’t exactly understand this, but it doesn’t matter – the imagery is fantastic. I like the suggestion of kindly affection in the phrase “my dove.” It opens my imagination regarding who these people are and what the situation is.

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