George and Abigail, Mark Trechock

Amy Casey, Overwhelming Tumult, 2017, Acrylic Gouache on Paper, 22″ X 30″


George and Abigail


Once we were tanned and wet,
the Atlantic splashing into our pores
and sand into just-bought swimsuits,
we gazed at the distant sailboats
skidding across the bay, then picked
through steamed lobster that night
at the beachfront restaurant,
drained every drop of an overpriced
Chardonnay, and walked to the bed
and breakfast, slept in and and awoke,
an hour ten minutes to catch the bus
for the Boston airport and back
to the long lives between excursions,
so we stopped in an antique
cum curio shop to kill the time
that was already bleeding out,
and discovered a table of postcards
of long dead newlyweds, a bustle
and a handlebar mustache,
George and Abigail by name,
sent to someone else long dead.
We exchanged serious looks.

Mark Trechock

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