the maple tree, Dan Flore

DeChirico, TX, 36X48, John Brosio

the maple tree

from our bedroom I can see God in the maple tree
as your fingers twitch in your sleep
like you are grasping for its leaves

I turn on my side and exhale
the movement of the ceiling fan is a lullabye
and you’re still reaching

you know so well he’s tucked away beneath your skin
spreading out through your eyes
and your slumber is so quiet
because you believe it emanates from where he dwells within
that palace where we leave our little hymns
yet you continue to stretch towards the window

it’s then that I know there’s even more for us
than just this ease of this night
all we have to do is ask for it
so I do
and the wind outside blows a branch against our window

Dan Flore

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