Possible Shirts, Eric Hohenstein

John, 48X36, John Brosio


Possible Shirts

“Green Shirt” is Boss Hog’s best song—not the fictional, white trash bigwig but the band.
Who names their band after a character from a lousy TV show? Well, given enough time,
everybody does… you know: a thousand typewriting monkeys, a billion years, the
complete works of Shakespeare—only in this case instead of a pound of flesh we get
Chandler Bing. (They think they’re covering Tiffany but really they’re just ruining Tommy

Somewhere, the world happens exactly as it happens except today you wore a different

This is how ignorance works: the multiverse crops another void. Who knew?
(No worries; Heaven remains a hope that taken completely out of context this will make
total sense, will sweat a clean profundity through all possible shirts.)

In 1492, Columbus bought the farm, neuro-syphilitic.

Think about it. It will all be true.

Eric Hohenstein

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