MY GOD, MY GOD…, Jan Iwaszkiewicz

Bride in Headlights, 12X18, John Brosio



Brett Whiteley, Australian Artist (1939-1992)

This wine-dark sea; this spoon of liquid love,
caressed by flickers from a candle stub
now sirens sweetly; music soars to fill
the empty chambers in my heart; my pulse
explodes and snaps each rope; undone, I fall
between the creaking Rock and this hard place.

My wrist is taken, quickly hammered down,
and blood-filled branches hold like crowns of thorn.

I search around in vein. God bless my arm.
A modern Christ of Chemicals I am
who celebrates the eucharist-inject
with transubstantiation in his art.
My sheets will be my canvas here tonight;
tomorrow, I’ll be Brett the Resurrect.

Jan Iwaszkiewicz

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