through the tunnels we gasp like tiny frogs, Steve Parker

through the tunnels we gasp like tiny frogs

you who will never learn anything
you anarchist you waterfall
how can you
be your mother all over
like that
she is also beautiful and wayward
you are her child
ungoverned and starting
you naked child who refuses all fences
me and you outside
when you are older
hold me
just do that
I have tried to make this okay
but I don’t really know how
I made you a paper plane but it crashed
you laughed about it
because you laugh about everything
because you are a cloud full of laughter
because you are falling
from here to there
laughing like a balloon

my only business to catch you

wake up you cried
but I still want you
to mind the gap
for it is a large gap
and known to be full of holes

hold my hand, please
tightly as we step



Steve Parker

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