Or You Could Play a Lion Goddess, Deborah Bacharach

Mark Terry, “Galatea,” 36 x 18 x 16, wood-fired stoneware, East Creek Anagama



Or You Could Play a Lion Goddess

No matter what role they play–bored housewife, compliant secretary, lesbian ingénue–porn women always have on stockings with garters, unrippable, nay unbreakable, lace panties. They always leave on their black high heels and, of course, the long fake nails. No question the moans, the sweat, the quick breaths, the sidelong looks, the intense gaze and then the head turned away from the intensity then back, the glistening lips pursed, panting, formed in a tight o, licked, bit, wide to scream, wide to take in your pulsing manhood, fake as well. They’re too young to need estrogen for vaginal dryness, but it’s the right time for Depo-Provera, scotch, weed, straight up Bud. In this clip, she shoves him against the wall with his arms crossed like Dracula, kisses him, a bright red glisten like polished apples have fallen from the sky, bites his lower lip but almost with gentleness. They talk desire. What else is there to talk about? They sound like real people who respect the sweetness of toes. Damn fine acting. Like on a Disney Cruise, Snow White and Cinderella, so polite, so accommodating.

Deborah Bacharach

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