15, T.S. Hidalgo

Mark Terry, “Wood-fired platter,” 14 x 14 x 1, wood-fired stoneware, Noble Hill Anagama





My arsenal of excuses is closed,
I am going to stop making myself suffer:
now, right now,
I concentrate on those so many infinite gasps;
those remote twilights, exorbitant instants
(with the arrival of drugs,
new Baudelaires appeared,
writing in the corners of time).
I also bring together
so many journeys without a compass,
with those girls,
all of those girls,
and with my Mediterraneans
on this side of desire
(have the clouds covered them?):
to build, finally, at the zenith, Utopia,
comparable to the cosmos
and with the color of your eyes.

T.S. Hidalgo

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