My Poem Is Flying Away Today, Nin Andrews

Mark Terry, “Tectonic Plate,” 14 x 14 x 3, Stoneware



My Poem Is Flying Away Today

after Ulalume González de León, Song Almost without Words


Yes, flying . . .
so far away
that between you and me,
I am at a loss for words.

Which brings me to the question:
if I had to choose between being the poem
or writing one,
which would it be?

Oh Yellow Broom, Yellow Sun, Yellow Mood
flooding my office with longing  . . .
I want to surrender to you,
to give up my bad habits.

But instead, word by word,
line by line, I change my mind.
I change the sun to wind,
the wind to clouds
and grief.

Yes, I lie.
Today I write lies.

Nin Andrews

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