Frictionless capitalism, T.S. Hidalgo

Mark Terry, Dreaming of Amphora


Frictionless capitalism


Don’t waste any time, Sir,
without sharing your bullshit opinion.
Although they don’t pay you for it.
Be brave.
Don’t turn yourself into a mere extra in your own life.
Take off the mask.
And step forward.
You waste your time, Sir,
if you don’t share your darkest depths.
Nonexistent time does not generate,
among other things,
argument, noise, controversy.
The world can’t survive
without your bullshit opinion.
Get out of your comfort zone,
to join a war forever.
A myriad of prophecies.
Any one of your thoughts is crucial.
Why, then,
check that your brain is switched on?
Don’t consider it.
Share it.
Make it public.
Or are you not, perhaps,
superior to the rest?
With everything set out like this,
a face to face conversation,
a written letter,
even your mobile phone,
what are they for?
Sometimes everything has to crescendo
(spare yourself, yes, that call).
“Begin your own tradition”
has been the slogan,
for twenty years,
of a well-known luxury watch brand.
That. Don’t let the watch stop.
Begin your own tradition.
Don’t show up late to your party.
And be an example for your race.
The masses,
the social networks,
they need your bullshit opinion.
And maybe accompany it with photographs,
with videos,
with moments?
You, Sir, have a right,
maybe constitutional,
to share your bullshit opinion.

T.S. Hidalgo

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