Man in Blue, Charles Springer

Urban-17-P1020389Turret, 33X44, watercolor, Gary Buhler


Audio for “MAN IN BLUE,” Charles Springer


 A little girl serves imaginary oolong tea
 to a once humble bear in her bedroom.
 Older brother appears
 by formal invitation of the mother.
 Word’s out older brother wants to run them over
 with his little truck, leave them splinters.
 Tea pretends to cool. The low watt
 in the easy-bake oven is raising a last tart.
 Mr. Bear is losing patience. He’s hungry,
 finds an imaginary sibling shaking in the refrigerator.
 He calls a cop who’s been waiting months
 to meet the mother, now divorced.
 The cop installs an imaginary siren
 in the older brother’s little truck. He points Mr. Bear
 toward a hive. He gives the little tea server
 something silver from his pocket. And wraps
 the little fridge shaker in a blanket
 he can hold on to through life.

Charles Springer

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