For Ages, Charles Springer

Urban-8-P1020236-crop-resizeAstoria, 33X48, oil on panel, Gary Buhler


Audio for “FOR AGES,” Charles Springer


 Secretly at night
 when moms and dads sleep
 in their beds, storks fly
 through the nursery windows,
 gather tears in tiny vials
 from the crybabies.
 Storks for ages
 have been taking tears back
 to the closest ocean.
 Once in a while
 a stork will get shot down
 where the tiny vials are
 considered contraband.
 The tears get dumped
 into a pristine lake or stream;
 its pollywogs and minnows
 perish from the salt.
 When the crybabies
 come of age, some
 pluck their eyes out. Some
 stick ice picks
 through their eardrums.
 Some never open up
 their throats.
 It’s been this way
 for ages. Here,
 feel these in your palm,
 tears the storks shed.

Charles Springer

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