Emu in Space, James Grinwis

Urban-2Gentrify I, 15X22, watercolor, Gary Buhler



A bridge between old, failed works and something else.
To salvage them or to end up as a box.
Because of the boss, the junk was not taken to a far off place.
Looking at the clock-radio more than listening.
To get together with some friends, but the time’s almost up
because of the gradual sagging we are stuck in the middle of.
Having gone pretty far and not turning up.
A once sturdy house riddled with termites is fumbling
to reconstruct itself. A blanket and paper-weight
to hold warmth down. There is the dog, and the woman
who sometimes comes over and plays with my hair,
which is lovely. Some days things pick up but things are fine.

James Grinwis

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