Consider, with Precision, Amanda Gaye Smith

Cards-Red-Pine-48x66-oil-on-canvasRed Pine, 48X66, oil on canvas, Gary Buhler


Consider, with Precision

How a sea sponge is located, dipped, squeezed
till, with pink water, phalanges are smoothed
from sand, cell crypts dry open in fish-tract air.

In the finding-line of the tide’s pull, mollusk lids
stick too— markers of the days their bodies passed
slickly through mouth-ground worm holes.

Here the sea sponge went slowly:
despite all appearances as a land-fiber
it had never known a place without fluid
for wet breath. Its fading reeked through the car.

At home, ventricles stiffened daily in the porch sun
labeled on the railing:

Amanda Gaye Smith

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