Girl on the Bus, Liberia to Playa Del Coco, Theodosia Henney

Plein-Air-9Fan Study, 9X11, watercolor, Gary Buhler


Girl on the Bus, Liberia to Playa Del Coco

The false pearls in her ears
are good ones-

large as marbles,
sweet fatty-liquid shine
of cooked fish eye;

hair half loose down her back,
pulled from her ears
with a black clip,
the middle frothing, a twist
like water, catches the light;

hardwood-skinned man
in the clean white shirt
who gives his place
to a woman with a baby-

lines of muscle running
from beneath armpits
inward, along laterals
toward his sacrum
remind me of carved boats,
or some surface waiting
for wings to be attached.

Theodosia Henney

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